Where Can I Buy BoraxWhere can I buy Borax?

Ever wondered: Where can I buy borax? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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What is Borax?

Borax is a cleaning agent also know as sodium borate. You can use it for many cleaning purposes. But it is not limite dot that. It has DIY applications. used for hobbies, to fight bugs and pests and even to make toy slime at home.It is also a great cleaning boost for other detergents.

When I buy Borax, what can it be used for?

With borax you can do some amazing things:

  • Use borax as a detergent to clean clothes, bathrooms, and floors
  • Use borax as an ingredient to make slime (fun for tweens!)
  • Clean carpets with borax
  • Use borax which contains boron to help grow fruit trees
  • Keep pests away by mixing borax and sugar where bugs enter your house
  • Use borax as a mouse repellent – sprinkle long base boards
  • Preserve fresh cut flowers with corn startch and borax
  •  Clean violin strings – use borax to clean bow hairs when they get gummed up with rosin.